a powerful SQL Server Monitoring tool

Gives the info DBAs need to be in full control on SQL Server instances 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016: current activities, blocks, disks/dbs/instances performance counters, waits, space usage, query performance, etc ...
Allows to see the servers state and metrics values both in real time and in the past. You will never again answer with the embarrassing "I don't know..." to the questions like "What was going on with server 2 hours ago (or 2 days ago, etc)". From now on your answers will be highly professional...
Allows you to set alerts by Value Threshold or by Deviation from the  Baseline and sit back and relax. SQL CheckUp will let you know if anything deserving your attention is happening....
Allows to see the details and the big picture of the server performance by going up and down through the metrics aggregations and objects layers...
Gives you the disk performance metrics and usage summaries whether you work with the Classic Folder structures or Mount Points.
SQL CheckUp is agentless. Nothing is installed on the monitored servers.
Can handle collecting numerous performance metrics on dozens of servers with frequency as little as one minute.

Product Highlights:

Active Processes

Answers the question what is consuming resources (CPU utilization, disk IO) on the server at this moment and makes the server to respond too slow. Shows top consuming processes, queries, databases.

Databases properties and space usage

Shows in Chart and Grid forms the space used/unused by database data/log files, compliance of the database settings with the defined standards. Allows to sort the reports in all possible ways.

Cumulative Query Performance Stats

Presents in Chart and Grid forms the cumulative performance statistics for the queries/procedures/databases on the instance: IO reads, CPU utilization, etc.

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